Thank you to the following APA Ambassadors who participated in the Ambassador Pilot Program.  They volunteering their time, experience, and talents to advance the public understanding of planning and promote the planning profession. And what fun they had doing it!

Check out what these APA members did over the past year

Group photo of students who participated in FSU and the APA Ambassador's program Box City.  Courtesy of Yes Segura.



Laurie Cummings, AICP CTP, Anchorage
Anthony Grande, Unalaska
John "Peyton" Snead, AICP, Anchorage


Juan Carrillo, Coachella
Gabriel Elliott, Salinas
Jesse Kleist, San Diego
Hannah Kornfeld, San Luis Obispo
Nile Ledbetter, San Francisco
Lucina Navarro, Berkeley
Miguel Vazquez, AICP, Riverside
Keith Woodcock, AICP CEP, Sanger
Shellie Zias-Roe, AICP, Redlands


Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. Team, Hartford

APA Members:

Jill Barrett
Stephanie Dyer-Carroll, AICP
Rory Fitzgerald
Ruth Fitzgerald, AICP
Francisco Gomes, AICP, ASLA
Carol S.F. Gould, AICP
Shawna Kitzman, AICP (Team Leader)
Marcy Miller, AICP
Laurel J. Stegina, AICP

Other team members include:

Shawn Callaghan, PSS
Michael Coulom
Daniel A. Hageman, PSS, NHCWS
Michael L. Morehouse, PE
Sandy Nafis
Kate Skaff
Paul M. Stanton


Sean O'Neill, AICP, Newark


Shundreka Givan, AICP, Orlando
Debbie Love, AICP, Fort Lauderdale

Florida State University Team, Tallahassee

APA Members:

Mavrick Fitzgerald
Hannah King
Sophee Payne
Yes Segura
Michael Sherman
Sarah Vitale (Team Leader)
Alexandria Washington

Other team members:

Melanie Marques
Michael Schilling


Kimberly Porter, AICP, Chicago


Kathryn Wertz, AICP, Indianapolis


Leanne Lawrie Harter, AICP, Nevada


Bridget Isquierdo Smith, AICP, Saginaw


Raymond Lai, AICP, University City
Martin Rivarola, AICP, Kansas City

New Mexico

Srijana Basnyat, AICP, Las Cruces

New York

Scott Doyle, AICP, Ithaca
Kate Selden, Brooklyn
Jamil Sheikh, AICP, New York

Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. Team, New York

APA Members:

Michael Ahillen, AICP
Leslie Black
Mary Miltimore, AICP (Team Leader)
Ryan Walsh, AICP, PP, LEED Green Associate

Other team members:

Arnold Bloch
Maura Fitzpatrick
Jessica Ortiz
Melissa Pineda
Crystal Rugel


Akshali Gandhi, Pittsburgh
Oforiwaa Pee, Philadelphia
Samuel Thrush, Chambersburg

South Carolina

Saila Milja-Smyly, AICP, Mount Pleasant


Emily Tedford, College Station
Diana Wilson, AICP, Conroe


Meagan Booth, Salt Lake City


Stephen Butler, FAICP, Seattle
Dee Caputo, AICP, Olympia
Darryl Eastin, AICP, Seattle

Interested in Being an APA Ambassador?  

Deadline to apply: December 31, 2016

You must be an APA member and commit to conducting and documenting at least two activities during the Ambassador year, which runs each calendar year, January thru December.  AICP members can now earn up to 8 CM credits for their pro-bono service as an Ambassador.

Apply Now

Ambassadors may conduct the activities, either as individuals or as a team.  Ambassadors may chose the venue or organization that works best for them.  Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Schools (e.g. elementary thru high school, universities, community colleges, etc.)
  • Community Based Organizations (e.g. Girls’ and Boys’ Club, etc.)
  • Neighborhood Leadership Academies
  • Community Meetings
  • Career Fairs

In conducting these activities we hope Ambassadors can reach future planners with diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Ambassador Resources

We will provide supporting resources, like activity ideas, power points, handouts, evaluation and survey forms, etc.   We are currently collecting more examples from last year’s volunteers and will post more information soon.

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Email if you have any questions.