APA-AICP Elections

Election results are in! 

Cynthia Bowen, AICPCongratulations to our association's newly elected leaders.

APA Board of Directors: Cynthia Bowen, AICP, LEED-AP–APA President-Elect (pictured); and Directors Rodger H. Lentz, AICP–Elected from Region II; Wendy D. Shabay, AICP–Elected from Region III; Wendy E. Moeller, AICP–Elected from Region IV; Kara W. Drane, AICP–Elected at Large; and Fleming A. El-Amin II, AICP–Elected at Large (seat focused for a Minority Member).

Glenn Larson, AICPAICP Commission: Glenn Larson, AICP–AICP President-Elect (pictured); and Commissioners Denise M. Harris, AICP–Elected from Region II; Silvia E. Vargas, AICP, LEED-AP–Elected from Region III; and Benjamin Carlisle, AICP–Elected from Region IV.

Student Representatives Council Executive Committee: Ellen Forthofer–Chair, and Representatives Paige Peltzer–Region I, Shelley Price–Region II, Sophee Payne–Region III, Anna Ma–Region IV, George Benson–Region V, and Lance MacNiven–Region VI.

New leaders will take office on January 1, 2016.

Detailed complete election results (pdf)