AICP College of Fellows Nominations Package Toolkit

The primary resource for preparing successful nominations is the criteria in the 2024 Nomination Guidelines. The information on this page, provided by the College of Fellows Committee, Chapters, Divisions, and other leaders, is intended to augment the guidelines.

Sample Schedules

Sample Communications

Managing the Nomination Process

Example Nominations


Nominator Resources

Use the information below as examples of Fellows programs for Chapters, Divisions, and 10-AICP member Nominators.

Pro Tip: Successful nominations address all of the criteria in the guidelines. Learn about the nomination review process from a prior Selection Committee Member and the basics of preparing a nomination from experienced nominators.

FAICP Selection Committee Q-A

Tips for Nomination — Women in Planning Division

Tips for Nominations by 10 AICP Members

Chapter Pro Tips

Annual College of Fellows Meeting Questions and Answers from 2022

Sample Schedules

Milestones and timing for preparing the nomination package for submission. Start early!

2022 FAICP Nomination Process —FL Chapter

2022 College of Fellows Nomination Schedule — WA Chapter


Sample Communications

Announcements and reminders for AICP member outreach.

FAICP Announcement 2021 — CA Chapter

Web Call For At-Large FAICP Nominations — FL Chapter

FAICP Nomination Deadline Reminders — FL Chapter

Invite for FAICP Nominating Committee or Mentor 2019 — MA Chapter

Template Call for Potential Nominees — VA Chapter

Fellows Newsletter Pre-announcement January 2021 — WA Chapter

2022 College of Fellows Statement of Interest — WA Chapter


Managing the Nomination process

Helpful tools for managing applications, recommendations, and pre-submission reviews.

2021 FAICP Nomination Application — CA Chapter

FAICP Committee Memo to Executive Board — CA Chapter

FAICP Nominating Committee — 1st Assignment — FL Chapter

FAICP Nomination Committee — 2nd Meeting Materials — FL Chapter

FAICP Nomination Initial Guidance — FL Chapter

FACIP Nomination Process — Private Practice Division

FAICP Sponsorship Policy — VA Chapter


Example Nominations

What does a successful nomination package look like? The examples below represent samples from successful nominations that have been redacted highlighted the scope of planning work of the nominee.

Complete FAICP Nomination Packages

Chapter Nomination Package — Public Sector

Chapter Nomination Package — Public-Private Sectors

10 AICP Members Nomination Package

Division Nomination Package

Nominator Endorsement Letter

Chapter Nominator Endorsement Letter

10 AICP Members Nominator Endorsement Letter 1

10 AICP Members Nominator Endorsement Letter 2

Division Nominator Endorsement Letter

One-Page Narrative Statement

Chapter One-Page Narrative Statement

10 AICP Members One-Page Narrative Statement

Division One-Page Narrative Statement

Annotated Resume

Chapter Annotated Resume

10 AICP Members Annotated Resume

Division Annotated resume

Letters of Support

Chapter Letter of Support 1

Chapter Letter of Support 2

10 AICP Members Letter of Support 1

10 AICP Members Letter of Support 1

Division Letter of Support 1

Division Letter of Support 2

100 Word Statement

Chapter 100 word statement

10 AICP Members 100 word statement

Division 100 word statement



It's Fellows Nomination Time and Help is Here!

Demystifying the Fellows Process

Women in Planning — The Road to FAICP

APA Planning and the Black Community Division FAICP Nomination Webinar