APA Interact August 28, 2019

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APA and AICP election results

Congratulations to all our new leaders elected to the APA Board of Directors, AICP Commission, and Student Representatives Council. The successful candidates will begin their terms of office January 1, 2020. APA chapters and divisions that participated in the consolidated elections will announce their results to members separately, and the complete results will be posted online by mid-September.
APA President-Elect
Leo Asuncion, AICP
AICP President-Elect
Mitchell Silver, FAICP
Policy and Advocacy Conference sessions to check out

The 2019 Policy and Advocacy Conference is three days of bringing planning advocacy to life. Dive deep on topics like legacy cities, housing, and infrastructure against the backdrop of the nation's capital. Here are a few can't-miss opportunities:

Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas: Equitable Redevelopment and Inclusive Growth in Legacy Cities
Legacy cities are advancing new policies to create opportunity and prosperity for all. Join this discussion of cities' pursuit of equitable and inclusive redevelopment.

Planning Home: A Look at the States
States have taken a leading role in the debate on housing policy. Find out what's happening in state legislatures and what to expect in 2020.

Capitol Hill Views on Infrastructure
Infrastructure has bipartisan appeal but agreement on funding has been elusive. Hear from leading members of Congress about the outlook for legislation and appropriations.

View the full program, and we'll see you in Washington, D.C., September 23–25.
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Congressional August recess makes an impact

APA asked members to write Congress this month about surface transportation reauthorization and FY 2020 appropriations for critical transportation and community development programs ahead of important legislative debates. Nearly 500 letters have been sent to Congress since the start of August, with over half sent on last week's first-ever digital APA Advocacy Action Day. There is still time to write your members of Congress before they return to Capitol Hill on September 9! Use our pre-drafted messages to get started.
Complete your National Planning Award nomination

Elevate your planning work or an inspiring individual to a national audience. Nominations are now accepted through Friday, September 6, at 5 p.m. (CT) for the 2020 National Planning Awards. Ensure the requirements are met and submit your nomination.
Take a survey on interpretive symbols for rain gardens

A researcher from Auburn University is conducting a survey to ask planners about alternative interpretive symbols for rain gardens. Your responses will be kept confidential.
Help launch APA's "Empowering Disabled Planners" interest group

A new APA interest group concerned with planners who have disabilities is trying to form and needs your help reaching at least 10 members. Add your name to this petition and make "Empowering Disabled Planners" an APA interest group.
Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. Fellowship

The Planning and Law Division is accepting applications for the Daniel J. Curtin, Jr. Fellowship for the 2019-2020 academic year. The fellowship program is open to third- and fourth-year undergraduate students, master's degree students, and certain law students. Apply by September 15.
ENRE Division Fellowship

The APA Environment, Natural Resources and Energy Division is accepting applications for its 2019–20 Student Fellowship Program for second year planning graduate students. Apply by September 27.
September 17 – "What Is a Diálogo?" webinar sponsored by the Latinos and Planning Division. CM | 1.50 (Register by September 16; pricing varies for division members, nonmembers, and groups)

New September 18 – Careers in Food Systems Planning webinar. (Register; free)

New September 18 – "Federal Drought Mitigation Initiatives, Tools, and Resources to Reduce Risk" webinar. CM | 1.25 (Register; free)

November 6–8, Hartford, Connecticut – 2019 Conference of the Consortium for Scenario Planning, an initiative of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Register by August 30.
Uncovering JAPA: No Eyes on the Street: City Officials and the Future of AVs

Although local officials understand there is an impending wave of autonomous vehicles, the future of American streets remains uncertain. In an overview of the Journal of the American Planning Association article "Are Cities Prepared for Autonomous Vehicles?", planners' preparations for AVs are examined.
APA Learn: "Law and Planning for Climate Change"

The panel in this course discusses the legal implications of planning for sea-level rise and climate adaptation. You'll learn how to track new legal trends, relate federal and state policies and regulations, and how to draw comparisons from presented case studies. CM | 1.25 | Law
David Rouse, FAICP, retires

Managing Director of Research and Advisory Services, David Rouse, FAICP, has announced his retirement from APA at the end of this month. David made important contributions to our research program over the past six years. We wish you the best, David!
Petra Hurtado, PhD, promoted

Petra Hurtado, PhD, has been promoted to Research Director.

Since joining the APA staff earlier this year as Deputy Research Director, Petra has effectively managed the day-to-day operations of the research team and advanced important projects, funding opportunities, and strategic relationships. She has also collaborated on many cross-functional projects — from exploring new learning opportunities for members, to developing an approach for the practice of foresight. Congratulations, Petra!
Project Assistant
AVT Consulting LLC
Bellingham, WA
Zoning Administrator/Subdivision Agent
The Berkley Group
Northampton County, VA
Comprehensive Plan
City of Leavenworth
Leavenworth, KS
Shared Active Transportation
Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments
Bridgeport, CT
Consolidated Planning Services
City of Elkhart
Elkhart, IN

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