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    • Accessory Dwelling Units: Case Study

      by: Sage Computing, Inc.
      This short report documents how six different localities regulate accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and discusses the potential benefits of removing regulatory barriers to ADUs.
    • Making Big Sense of Small Homes

      8 Domains of Livability Case Studies, August 2015
      This case study profiles efforts in Portland, Oregon, to remove regulatory and financial barriers to accessory dwelling unit (ADU) construction.
    • In-Law—and Out-Law—Apartments

      Sightline, March 2013
      by: Alan Durning
      This blog post summarizes common barriers to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and holds up Vancouver, British Columbia, as an example of effective ADU regulatory reform.
    • Seattle Says Yes to the Best Rules in America for Backyard Cottages

      Sightline, July 2019
      by: Dan Bertolet, Margaret Morales
      This blog post summarizes zoning reforms for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Seattle.
    • Tacoma Adopts Exemplary Reform for In-Law Apartments

      Sightline, March 2019
      by: Dan Bertolet, Nisma Gabobe
      This blog post profiles accessory dwelling unit (ADU) regulatory reforms in Tacoma, Washington.
    • Cottage Home Program

      With the adoption of the 2016 Clovis Central Area Plan, the city now permits 400-square-foot cottage homes (i.e., ADUs) on the rear portion of single-family lots in the Old Town Clovis neighborhood.
    • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Unit Legalization Program

      San Francisco turned to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as a way to address the city's housing affordability crisis. The city worked with an architecture firm to develop a guidebook for homeowners and contractors for adding a unit to an existing residential building.

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