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    • Colorado Creative Districts Statute

      Colorado Revised Statutes. § 24-48.5-314 – 315, amended 2018
      Colorado’s revised statutes enable local governments to designate creative districts, which are defined as a hub for cultural facilities, creative industries, or arts-related businesses.
    • Connecticut Neighborhood Revitalization Zones Statutes

      General Statutes §7-600, Amended 2006
      Connecticut’s general code supports arts activities through neighborhood revitalization plans and economic and community development provisions.
    • Maryland Economic Development Code

      Annotated Code of Maryland, § 4-701 - §4-801, 2017
      Maryland’s economic development code establishes arts and entertainment districts and a special fund for preservation of cultural arts in the state.
    • New Mexico Arts and Cultural Districts Act

      New Mexico Statutes Annotated §15-5A, Amended 2007
      New Mexico’s Arts and Cultural Districts Act supports creative placemaking by enabling state and municipally authorized arts and cultural districts.
    • South Carolina Libraries, Archives, Museums and Arts Statute

      South Carolina Code of Laws §60-15, 2014
      South Carolina’s libraries, archives, museums, and arts statutes enable the arts commission to designate cultural districts that support creative placemaking.

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