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    • Mastering Conflict for Effective Planning: Navigation and Resolution

      This webinar will explore key skills needed to manage conflicts in planning work. It will focus on managing relationships and finding the best ways to design meetings for better planning outcomes.
      • Jennifer Raitt
      CM | 1
    • It’s Not Personal: Self-Care Tips to Avoid Burnout, Conflict, and Contentious Community Meetings

      Planners are often required to handle highly emotional situations and face public criticism, which can cause a great deal of stress and lead to burnout. Self-care is therefore vital to a successful and fulfilling career in planning, yet it is not typically part of our professional education and training.
      Chicago, Illinois
      • Heather Seyfarth, AICP
      • Bobbie Albrecht
      CM | 1
    • Navigating the Politics of Climate Planning

      Building support for climate action across diverging constituencies is critical for implementing the ambitious plans needed to meet communities’ future challenges. Learn successful planning and engagement methods used to build consensus across the aisle in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.
      • Anne Coglianese
      • Colleen McHugh
      • Marissa Aho, AICP
      CM | 1
      SR | 1

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