Planning August/September 2016

Planning August/September 2016

Special Issue: Local Impacts of Federal Enviro Policy

Planning’s August-September special issue reviews the local impacts of landmark federal environmental laws and regulations, offering a thumbs-up for the Endangered Species Act but a cautious wait-and-see on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions. Plus, The Commissioner covers the healthy communities movement, form-based codes, and more.

Featured Articles

Before It's Too Late

In remote Alaskan villages, the process of relocating America’s first climate refugees is beginning. Federal funding is helping, reports Brian Barth. Craig Guillot adds a sidebar on a Louisiana resettlement.

The "If" Game

The Clean Power Plan's future is still in play, but local communities, states — and the EPA — have made the call to push forward, writes Allen Best.

Good Habitats Pay Off

Madeline Bodin writes about the landscape-scale voluntary conservation efforts that are keeping at-risk species off the endangered species list. With a sidebar on major environmental acts and land use.

Is Nuclear Clean Power?

As national policy shifts away from carbon-intensive energy, Susannah Nesmith notes that even this carbon-free power source isn’t without environmental implications.


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