APA Interact August 12, 2020

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August 12, 2020
With numerous critical issues including COVID recovery, transportation, and climate resilience facing today's planners, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we make Planners' Day on Capitol Hill, our advocacy day during the Policy and Advocacy Conference, as approachable as possible. It won't matter if it’s your first time or your fifth time participating, we’ll help you every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive, on-demand trainings on what to expect and key talking points
  • Meetings with congressional offices are fully organized and coordinated by APA
  • Live support from APA staff during the event
This unique and empowering experience is open to all registrants of the Policy and Advocacy Conference. This is our opportunity to be a part of the action and conversation on critical issues affecting planning across the country.
Pro tip: Register by September 1 for the best price and a guaranteed meeting with your congressional office.
APA Research
Connecting with natural environments

Equitable and accessible greenspace is necessary for all communities — biophilia describes the innate human desire to connect with other living things and the natural environment.

This edition of PAS QuickNotes emphasizes the importance of greenspace and explains how planners can create biophilic cities and communities that provide access to nature, especially in the era of COVID-19 when people are forced to shelter in place in nature-deprived neighborhoods.
From Planning Magazine
Walking the racial equity walk

"True change, change that holds us to doing and not just talking, must move beyond the uncomfortable conversations. Planning schools must tell the full, often ugly history of the profession." Desiree D. Powell calls for an unflinching look at planning’s past — and comprehensive change for its future.
APA Learn
Nature and the Mind in an Era of Pandemic

Dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic is overwhelming, but it's necessary to act from a calm center — and nature can be an important tool. In this webinar, from NPC20 @ Home, learn how each of us can explore the human dimensions and mental health benefits of open space and nearby nature. CM | 0.75
Elevating a community's identity

In North Philadelphia, working alongside the Strawberry Mansion community ensured that investments to the Joseph E. Mander Playground and Recreation Center reflected and strengthened the identity of the community and helped to re-elevate the legacy of the park's namesake. From APA's Urban Design and Preservation Division.
Contribute to the national climate position

As momentum behind climate action grows, now is the time to reinvent communities to incorporate climate mitigation and adaptation. Doing so requires the right policies at the federal, state, and local levels. The APA Climate Change Policy Guide is being updated to incorporate the latest science and policy approaches, and to reflect the growing recognition of climate's impact on planners' work. The guide will represent APA's official position on climate issues and tools to arm planners to advocate for equitable, effective policies at all levels of government.

Review the working draft and contribute your feedback to ensure that your perspective is captured in the final guide. Final comments must be submitted by August 26.
FEMA hazard and climate resilience grants for FY20, information on applying

FEMA has posted hazard mitigation and climate resilience grant opportunities for FY20 — this year there is $660 million available for the programs combined. To prepare for the application period opening on September 30, for interested applicants can watch a series of informational webinars.
August 13
COVID-19 and the future of planning

COVID-19 has changed the way planners think about and prepare for the future. In partnership with Smart Growth Network, on August 13 APA's research director Petra Hurtado, PhD, and research associate, Jo Peña, will explain how APA is using its "foresight-first approach," what the biggest pain points and potential solutions are, and what current developments may mean for the future of the planning profession. CM | 1.5 (Register; free)
Planner, Senior II
Snohomish County Division of Surface Water Management
Everett, WA
Transportation Planner I
Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency
West Palm Beach, FL
Community Planning and Engagement Manager (Planning Manager 1)
Nashville/Davison County Planning Department
Nashville, TN
Comprehensive Plan Update
City of Athens
Athens, AL
Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Planning Area
Baton Rouge, LA

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