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    • Fair Housing Is More Important Than Ever

      Zoning Practice — December 2018
      by: Donald Elliott, FAICP
      This issue of Zoning Practice​ reviews the basics of fair housing law, two recent developments in fair housing, and discusses practices to help close the gap between the current reality and the ideal of fair housing.
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    • 4 Steps to Creating Inclusive, Anti-Racist Third Spaces

      Help community connections flourish.
      Four tips for defining and designing public outdoor third places to be intentionally inclusive, community driven, and anti-racist.
    • Five Ways to Plan for More Accessible Housing

      At least 25 percent of U.S. residents will experience a disability that impacts their daily life. How can we better prepare America's housing stock?
      November 01, 2020
      Here are five best practices and tools to help planners support move-in-ready accessible housing.
    • Confronting Systemic Inequity With Institutional Change

      New initiatives and offices are pushing for more equitable policy outcomes — and holding cities accountable for the impacts of their decisions.
      Planning and other city departments are creating initiatives and offices to institutionalize racial and income equity and justice concerns.
    • Mind the Gender Gap

      Planned mostly by and for men, transit in the U.S. has long failed its most loyal customers: women. But increasing efforts in focused data collection and gender mainstreaming are working to remedy those failures.
      In the U.S., women account for more than half of all transit ridership, yet their travel patterns and preferences have rarely been accounted for in planning efforts — or even measured.
    • An Equitable Approach to Zoning Notifications

      Zoning Practice — May 2024
      This issue of Zoning Practice looks at increasing the equity of public notice practices by expanding upon the Equity in Zoning Policy Guide’s recommendations. It examines key equitable or inequitable aspects of conventional notification practices and highlights potential new methods of notice that may enhance procedural and distributional equity.
    • Equitable Zoning for Manufactured Housing

      Zoning Practice — April 2024
      This issue of Zoning Practice examines the persistent inequitable treatment of manufactured housing in many local zoning codes and offers considerations for code updates. It begins with brief summaries of the important role manufactured housing plays in supporting housing choice and affordability and includes findings from a five-state analysis of zoning regulations for manufactured housing.
    • Planning for Equitable Development: Social Equity by Design

      PAS Memo — March-April 2017
      by: Carlton Eley
      The March/April 2017 issue of PAS Memo highlights the importance of equitable development in creating strong and sustainable communities for all and provides principles and guidance to help planners implement social equity in their communities.
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    • Zoning to Improve Health and Promote Equity

      Zoning Practice — March 2015
      by: Elizabeth Whitton, AICP       March 01, 2015
      This issue of Zoning Practice discusses how communities can use zoning and other development regulations to promote healthy living environments. It highlights a number of potential regulatory changes in support of reducing health disparities by increasing affordable housing options and improving access to care.
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    • A Need for Speed

      Communities must plan for high-speed broadband or risk getting left behind.
      October 01, 2017
      Broadband has become as necessary as electricity, and local planners have several roles to play in bringing the technology to their communities.
    • Immigrant City

      Rebuilding a thriving Rust Belt for all residents.
      American civic leaders have long viewed a steady flow of immigrants as fuel for economic development.
    • Building Better Cities for All

      Now, more than ever, reevaluating our urban landscapes is necessary for recovery, resilience, and more just and equitable cities.
    • Connecting the Dots

      Linking bike share with transit — while considering equity issues — requires a big-picture approach.
      April 01, 2017
      Bike share is on the rise because it's an attractive option for cities looking to meet health and sustainability goals.
    • 6 Tips for Inclusive Public Meetings

      Some planners and communities are trying to reshape public engagement with a focus on different approaches and more diverse participation.
    • Potty Talk With a Planner

      Access to public toilets is an issue of equity. Along with homeless people, women, children, the elderly, and those with medical issues are impacted by public spaces planned without bathrooms.
    • We Cannot Plan from Our Desks

      People’s lives are at the heart of planning. Planners live up to the promise of creating equitable communities when we’re out there, in the communities, doing the work.
    • We Must Champion Equity and Diversity

      Planning for equity is not an extra; it should be practiced as a core skill. Here are some of the ways APA is working to increase its response.
    • Car Sharing Can Drive Mobility Equity

      November 01, 2017
      Car sharing traditionally requires a credit card, smartphone, and proximity to a sharing station, but places like Seattle, Washington, D.C., Denver, and Vancouver are working to overcome the barriers.
    • Parks Are an Equity Issue

      August 01, 2016
      In the Viewpoint from Planning's August/September 2016 issue, Kevin O'Hara looks at parks and public spaces as an equity issue.
    • Planning's Role in Social Justice

      December 01, 2015
      In the Viewpoint column from Planning magazine’s December 2015 issue, an opinion on the social role of the planner.

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