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Complete Streets

Listen to a discussion on complete streets with Barbara McCann, Executive Director of The National Complete Streets Coalition, Sarah Zimmerman, Senior Staff Attorney for The National Policy and Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity (NPLAN), and hosted by APA's Research Associate, David Morley.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

Is your community prepared if disaster strikes? John Wilson from Lee County, Florida, and Julia Burrows from Roseville, California, discuss how their respective communities created hazard mitigation plans. Roseville and Lee County are two featured case studies in the new Planning Advisory Service report, Hazard Mitigation: Integrating Best Practices into Planning (PAS 560).

Planning for a New Energy and Climate Future

This podcast featuring the three coauthors of PAS report 558, Planning for a New Energy and Climate Future. Listen as they discuss the various regional effects of climate change, different approaches to mitigation and adaptation, and how different communities are reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while exploring ways to increase renewable energy opportunities.

Tuesdays at APA

Select Tuesdays at APA presentations are available as podcasts.

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Public Service Announcements

APA's public service announcements celebrate the benefits of planning and the importance of community involvement.

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Authors & Experts

In Motion: An Interview with Author Tony Hiss

Author Tony Hiss (Experience of Place), talks with Bob Yaro, president of the Regional Plan Association about his new paperback edition of In Motion: The Experience of Travel. Hiss and Yaro discuss how planners can take on the role of stewards of Deep Travel.

Reconsidering Jane Jacobs: A discussion with Max Page, Rudayna Abdo, Jamin Creed Rowan

How did one woman change an entire profession in a few short years with such lasting effects? Listen as Max Page, co-editor of Reconsidering Jane Jacobs, discusses Jane Jacobs's lasting, global influence. Joining Page are contributors Rudayna Abdo, AICP, director of planning at Otak International's Abu Dhabi office, and Jamin Creed Rowan, assistant professor of English at Brigham Young University.

Midwest Flooding

A discussion with Jim Schwab, manager of the Hazards Planning Research Center at the APA, about the recent flooding in Iowa and other midwestern states.

Planning the Urban Forest

Listen as urban forestry experts discuss the importance of establishing and maintaining an urban forestry program. This podcast features the report's general editor, Jim Schwab, AICP, American Planning Association; Cheryl Kollin, American Forests; Jim Skiera, International Society of Arboriculture; and Phillip Rodbell, USDA Forest Service.

The High Cost of Free Parking

Donald Shoup, professor of urban planning at UCLA and author of The High Cost of Free Parking, talks about how free parking distorts transportation choices, warps urban form, and degrades the environment — and suggests sensible policy alternatives.

True Urbanism

Mark Hinshaw has a proposition for Americans: Come out of your bunkers, throw open the gates, and meet the neighborhood. Hear Hinshaw, author of the APA Planners Press book True Urbanism, talk about what cities can do to encourage vibrant, unpredictable urban neighborhoods.

Clear As Mud

Hear authors Rob Olshansky and Laurie Johnson discuss their new release Clear As Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New Orleans. Olshansky and Johnson discuss how Hurricane Katrina differed from other international disasters and their experience in tracking the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Green Community Podcast Series

The health of our planet and our selves depends on how we plan, design, and construct the world between our buildings. Hear from contributors of Green Community, a book from APA published in conjunction with the National Building Museum.

Green Community Energy

In this episode, listen to Green Community contributor Mary Rickel Pelletier.

Green Community Energy (Part II)

In this episode, listen to Green Community contributors Erica Heller, AICP, and Mark Heller, AICP.

Green Community Conservation

In this episode, listen to Green Community contributors Timothy Beatley and Patrice Frey.

Green Community Density and Transportation

In this episode, listen to Green Community contributors F. Kaid Benfield, Fred Hansen, and Mariela Alfonzo.

Green Community Introduction

In this episode, listen to Green Community co-editors Timothy Mennel and Susan Piedmont-Palladino discuss contributor insights and the book's production.