Find out what it means to be a planner and what it takes to become a professional planner.

The Profession

Planning Career Fundamentals

What Skills Do Planners Need?

Successful planners need to possess a set of specialized skills that allow them to navigate through the complexities of the planning process. Find out what kind of skills a great planner possesses.

Get Hired and Succeed in Your First Planning Job

Download Career Advice for Emerging Planners, a survey done by the APA Arizona Chapter's Mentorship Program and Professional Development Committee.

Where Do Planners Work?

Planners work in every state and around the world. They work in rural areas, suburban areas, and large cities. They are a part of federal, state, and local governments; nonprofits and real estate development companies and multi-disciplinary consulting firms.

Planning Specializations

Most planners perform their work in a field of specialization within the larger planning profession. Some planners spend their entire career within one of these specializations; others move between them or find employment opportunities that combine specializations.

A Typical Day for a Planner

Planners spend much of their time working with others. The planner's role is to help others see the big picture and to relate the project to a community's goals and guidelines.

Job Hunting Tips

Whether you need to brush up your resume, cover letter, or online profile, refer to these tip sheets for spot-on advice. Speaking at a career day event or participating in a job hunting conference panel? Print copies of these flyers and share with other planners.

Cover Letters 101

Resumes 101

Job Hunting for Emerging Professionals

Job Hunting for Mid-Level Planners

Job Hunting for Senior Managers and Executives

Building an Online Brand

Preparing for Interviews

Projects List 101

Networking and Positioning Yourself to Get Hired

Landing a Planning Job

Visit Jobs Online, APA's searchable database of planning employment opportunities. If you're looking to hire a planner, you can advertise in Jobs Online or place an ad in Planning magazine.

Explore the salary potential of planning jobs in APA's Salary Survey.

Read summaries of typical job descriptions for seven common planning classifications, and get Job Tips for New Planners.

Read "Silver Lining: Planners find bright spots in tough times," from Planning magazine.

Check out Urban Planning Jobs: How to Get Them and What to Expect, an article from the

Associated Careers

Planners work in multidisciplinary teams and frequently work with engineers, architects, landscape architects, and economic development specialists. See descriptions of associated professions, including mandatory continuing education comparisons.