APA’s Housing Policy guide identifies policy solutions for planners and local, state, and federal elected officials that address housing challenges — including accessibility, affordability, and availability — plaguing rapid and slow growth communities nationwide.

Housing Policy Guide

Cover of APA's Housing Policy Guide.

The Housing Policy Guide promotes specific, actionable guidance that builds upon the policy ideas first identified in our 2006 Housing Policy Guide and integrates the policy principles that make up our Planning Home Action Agenda.

Building On

Policy Guide Working Group Chair Jennifer Raitt describes how the new guide addresses trends that have emerged since 2006 — like public and private finance, resiliency, and zoning — and how APA members and planners can use the guide as a tool to effect change not only in their communities but also at the state and federal levels.


Advocate for Policies That Address Factors Driving the Housing Crisis

Today's housing challenges demand better tools and better planning.

Shape state and federal housing policy outcomes by contacting your elected officials today:


This guide was approved by the APA Delegate Assembly on April 14, 2019, and ratified by the APA Board of Directors on May 14, 2019.