APA Legislative Priorities

We believe in creating stronger and more just communities through access to opportunity, strategic investments in innovation, and broadly-shared prosperity.

Policy Strategies for Creating Stronger, More Just Communities

APA Calls on Congress to:

  1. Invest in infrastructure that builds strong and vibrant communities for all
  2. Expand housing choice and affordability with policies that support inclusive growth and greater access to economic and social mobility
  3. Provide high-quality federal data that supports effective local planning and decision making
  4. Promote healthy and safe communities through good planning and strategic public investments

Invest in the Nation's Critical Infrastructure

Well-planned infrastructure investments are a catalyst for economic vitality, long-term prosperity, improved public services, and access to opportunity. Today's bipartisan support for infrastructure holds the promise of not only new jobs and economic growth but also stronger communities and neighborhoods providing vital access to opportunity. At the same time, we need not just more investment, but smarter investment.

Any federal infrastructure program should be driven by key principles of good planning, such as considering the importance of the right location, helping communities fully leverage investments, and providing co-benefits for housing and economic development, and other important community goals.

What Congress should do

Expand housing choice and affordability with policies that support inclusive growth and greater access to economic and social mobility

Housing is a major challenge in communities across the nation. While the challenges vary from region to region and market to market, the common goal in addressing them is to advance policies and funding that promote fairness, affordability, choice and opportunity rooted in vibrant neighborhoods.

Meeting our housing and community development needs is essential for expanding economic and social mobility. Inequality, stagnant growth and systemic barriers to community development have deep costs for individuals, families and communities. Planning can effectively and equitably engage the public and identify barriers to and opportunities for shared, inclusive growth. Federal and state policies should directly address social equity challenges and support efforts to create more prosperous and just communities.

What Congress should do

Provide High-quality Federal Data that Supports Effective Local Planning and Decision making

Good planning is based on sound, comprehensive data, and the federal government is a key provider of this essential information. Federal census data and data resources are an integral part of effective planning and an accurate evaluation of planning outcomes.

In an era of frequent distrust of institutions and opinions posing as data, we need reliable and robust data sources to guide sound decision-making at the local, state and federal levels.

What Congress should do

Promote Healthy and Safe Communities Through Good Planning and strategic public investments

Federal policy should encourage and support efforts to improve the health of the nation's communities. The Farm Bill and the National Flood Insurance Program are due for reauthorization in 2018 and present important opportunities to use good planning to create healthier and safer communities.

What Congress should do