2023 Federal Priority


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The recent Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) promises to invest in new and better planning that helps our communities improve safety, increase transportation options, advance equity, and tackle challenges associated with the climate crisis.

With strong regulatory action and guidance driving its implementation, Congress can deliver on the promise of BIL with planning programs and resources that not only enhance mobility and prosperity, but also advance long-term sustainability and equity.

We call on Congress and the Biden Administration to make planning for the future of mobility, access, safety, and equity a cornerstone of federal infrastructure investments and programs.

Opportunities for Federal Action

  • Ensure BIL programs include both clear rules and funding guidance
  • Ensure full funding for Safe Streets for All and other key BIL programs without annual guaranteed funding
  • Advance airport land use improvements and establish an urban air mobility framework that prioritizes local and regional planning through the Federal Aviation Administration renewal
  • Secure further guidance and technical assistance on local infrastructure design and deployment to make EVs a more effective mobility solution

Planning for Infrastructure Implementation

Five + Federal Infrastructure Programs Every Planner Should Know

Planners are taking the lead in helping their communities access and utilize available federal funds created by BIL programs. Here are the latest federal funding opportunities every planner should know about.

7 Ways the New Infrastructure Package Invests in Planning

The BIL is the culmination of planners' years-long effort to reform and renew the nation's surface transportation law. With smart planning, read how it can help reshape the future of mobility, safety, equity, and resilience.

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With significant investment from BIL programs, communities are already beginning the transition to EVs. Here's how supported planning can utilize federal funding to connect transportation and climate goals.

Critical Conversations in Transportation Planning: Tamika Butler

Hear national expert Tamika Butler break down the racist roots of our current transportation systems — and how planning can use policy to shape the future of transportation to be safer, more sustainable, and more accessible than ever before.


Regulatory Advocacy in Action

2022 Congressional Fly-in HUD-DOT meeting

2022 COngressional Fly-in

APA members traveled to Washington, DC last year to weigh in on new US HUD and DOT incentives and programs to align housing affordability with transportation investments.

APA is committed to ensuring that programs created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law live up to their once-in-a-generation promise and potential.