Statement Regarding U.S. Capitol Attack

The American Planning Association condemns yesterday's violent attack on the very heart of American democracy. Peaceful dialogue, broad public engagement, and the deliberative process of representative government are essential pillars of our society and cornerstones of planning.

These principles, which are central to ethical planning practice, should guide our communities and country as we navigate turbulent times and shared challenges together. We can and must work toward a more cohesive society that is built on mutual respect and opportunity-rich places for all people.

Last night, in the aftermath of the attack and into the early morning hours, Congress returned to the chambers of the U.S. Capitol to continue doing the business of a peaceful and orderly transition of power — one of democracy's greatest virtues.

We must all show similar resilience and integrity in our own efforts. Now is a moment to look forward with new resolve to engage all voices around mutual goals and work with our elected leaders to advance a shared vision of recovery and healing for all communities and our nation.