Featured APA Learn Courses

  • A Call to Action for Healthy Communities

    Popular sound bites announce that "our zip code matters more than our genetic code" or "workplace stress is the new secondhand smoke," but what does that mean for planners? Collaboration is key – hear from partners from other design and health professions who work alongside planners in creating healthy communities.
  • Empowering Older Adults with Resilient Communities

    The trends of population aging and climate-related events are profound on communities. Older adults are especially vulnerable to projected changes in frequency and /or intensity of climate-related events. Efforts to increase their individual preparedness require a paradigm shift. This session will identify strategies to enhance the resilience of older populations to environmental threats.
  • Housing Policy | Social Justice and Equity

    Reimagining Aging in Community

    Our aging population demands our attention. Is your community ready? Explore new pathways that include a future with “mobility as a service,” innovative tools to finance aging, and smart initiatives for cost-effective service delivery for successful aging-in-community.

Featured Video

What's in the 2019 Planning for Equity Policy Guide

Policy Guide Working Group co-chairs Lynn Ross, AICP, and Susan Wood, AICP, preview the equity-in-all-policies approach the guide promotes; how the guide can be used to influence work at the local, state, and federal levels; and why planners are the right profession to advance this issue.