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  • Greater Sustainability with Autonomous Vehicles?

    Self-driving cars will hit city streets soon. Will they induce a new boom in sprawl? Will they create a transit “golden age” with new ownership models? Explore the future of transportation with experts from Silicon Valley and New York.
  • Fostering Inclusive Communities Through Fair Housing

    This session will review the history and requirements of HUD’s recent Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule. The session will also review recent efforts by the District of Columbia to more equitably disperse the affordable housing supply throughout the city.
  • Zoning Cities: Toward a Simpler Future

    Today's zoning codes strive to address increasingly complex urban environments and often fall short. An international panel of experts argues that zoning may need to regulate less and regulate things that haven’t before been regulated. Listen as the panelists debate alternative, simpler, and possibly more effective approaches to implementing planning in zoning codes.

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What Connects Us? Planning Connects Us

Join over 5,000 planners in San Francisco April 13–16 for the premier planning event of the year. NPC19 features 230+ educational sessions, 60+ mobile workshops, and countless opportunities to connect with fellow planners and affiliated professionals. Register today at planning.org/conference.