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Policy Guide

Equity in Zoning Policy Guide

APA's Equity in Zoning Policy Guide prioritizes reversing and alleviating the disproportionate impacts of zoning through all parts of the zoning process. The guide also provides community planers with solutions to allow communities to boost housing supply, production, and fairness.

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Construction and Development Issues Take Focus at Latest Housing Supply Accelerator Convening

Recent Housing Supply Accelerator convening explored the various issues and opportunities related to construction and development of the nation's housing.

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Housing Finance Takes Focus at Most Recent Housing Supply Accelerator Convening

The second Housing Supply Accelerator convening held in Tacoma, Washington, focused on housing finance, including filling the information gap, public-private partnerships, and utilizing federal funding and programs.

Planning Magazine

What Is Zoning Reform and Why Do We Need It?

The case for change, why planners support it, and six zoning reform tactics that could help curb housing costs.

Planning Magazine

Zoning Reform Creates New Model for Smart Growth in Walla Walla, Washington

How the rural city eliminated single-family-only zoning, legalized ADUs, and relaxed parking minimums to promote housing diversity.

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Federal Zoning Reform Funding Available Now

A new federal competitive grant program – totaling $85 million – is now available to help local governments develop and implement policies that create and preserve housing options by breaking down barriers to zoning reform.