June 20, 2012

Changing How You See the World

Tony Hiss challenges planners to see and connect with their world in a new way.

CHICAGO — Acclaimed author Tony Hiss (The Experience of Place) challenges readers to see their world in a new way. Now available in paperback from the American Planning Association's Planners Press, In Motion: The Experience of Travel explores the notion of Deep Travel what Hiss calls a state of heightened awareness.

In MotionDeep Travel encourages individuals to re-explore everyday trips and to consider ordinary objects in a new light as if taking off blinders or viewing something as though seeing it for the very first time.

Hiss believes that design professionals should take on the role of stewards of Deep Travel. In Motion can serve as a guide for planners, architects, and landscape architects, and it encourages design professionals to create more opportunities for experiential travel. This can be achieved by inventing or retrofitting infrastructure, vehicles, and rights of way to provide a full sensory experience and thus allow individuals to evoke Deep Travel.

Robert D. Yaro, president of the Regional Plan Association, in the paperback's new foreword, also calls on design professionals to make daily experiences worth experiencing. Yaro writes "We've steeled ourselves to ignore what's happening during our travels and to treat time in motion as less important than time after we arrive somewhere."

Yaro specifically identifies public transit as one area that could benefit from an experience improvement. "We've about reached the limit of what cars can provide for us in terms of comfort and luxury only cappuccino machines are missing. Yet public transportation still shunts people around like FedEx packages."

Throughout the book, Hiss reminds readers that everyone can experience Deep Travel. The notion of Deep Travel is within each of us, as long as we allow it to be accessible. By "stimulating ignorance," Hiss writes that anyone can encourage Deep Travel experiences. Imagining you have never visited a place before allows you to open your senses to the full experience of place.

Hiss shares his personal journeys while experiencing Deep Travel throughout In Motion, as well as sharing passages from celebrated travel writers.

The paperback edition of In Motion: The Experience of Travel (ISBN: 978-1-61190-011-8) is available from APAPlanningBooks.com for $14.95 or $9.95 for APA members. Media review copies are available by contacting Roberta Rewers at rrewers@planning.org.


Roberta Rewers, APA Public Affairs; 312-786-6395; rrewers@planning.org