News Release: April 4, 2016

New College of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners Inducted

PHOENIX – Yesterday, 61 planners were inducted into the prestigious American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) College of Fellows during the American Planning Association’s (APA) National Planning Conference. These individuals were invited to join due to their outstanding achievements in urban planning.

The induction ceremony took place at the Phoenix Convention Center. The 2016 College of Fellows:

Paul F. Berge, AICP

Armando Carbonell, AICP

Brian C. Canin, AICP

Ramond A. Chiaramonte, AICP

Kurt E. Christiansen, AICP

J. Michael Cobb, AICP

Jamie A. Cochran, AICP

Carol R. Collier, AICP

Kurt D. Culbertson, AICP

Dennis A. Egner, AICP

Kimberly K. Gerhart-Fritz, AICP

Jamie Greene, AICP

William T. Frazier, AICP

Toby L. Fauver, AICP

Margot Y.H. Garcia, AICP

Gary Hack, AICP

Philip W. Hanegraaf, AICP

James S. Hester, AICP

George M. Homewood III, AICP

Kristin M. Hopkins, AICP

Cynthia M. Houben, AICP

Patricia K. Joiner, AICP

Chris Kluchman, AICP

Ruth E. Knack, AICP

Charles L. W. Leider, AICP

J. Rebecca Leonard, AICP

John Lettelleir, AICP

Craig Lewis, AICP

Robert M. Lewis, AICP

Paul S. Lewis, AICP

Ron C. Littlefield, AICP

Paul V. Luersen, AICP

Celia McAdam, AICP CTP

Brian F. Mooney, AICP

Marya Morris, AICP

Larry B. Morrison, AICP

Saralee L. Morrissey, AICP

Nina Nixon-Mendez, AICP

Rhonda G. Phillips, AICP

Scott Polikov, AICP

Daniel J. Reuter, AICP

Carlos Rodrigues, AICP

Deborah M. Rosenthal, AICP

David Rouse, AICP

Thomas D. Rust, AICP

James C. Schwab, AICP

Terry Schwarz, AICP

Martha M. Semmes, AICP

Thomas Schulze, AICP

Robert G. Shibley, AICP

Brian W. Shupe, AICP

Robert A. Stalzer, AICP

Jan Striefel, AICP

Robert E. Sullivan, AICP

Warren W. Terry, AICP

James Tischler, AICP

Lucie B.L. Vogel, AICP

Michael D. Watkins, AICP

Julie A. Woods, AICP

Karen Wolf, AICP

Zenia Kotval, AICP

There are now 569 members in the College of Fellows.

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