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  • Park City, UT, Environmental Plan

    The city's Environmental Plan includes a number of renewable energy-supportive goals and objectives.
    Park City, UT
  • Albany, CA, Climate Action Plan

    The city's Climate Action Plan defines renewable energy use as a key climate strategy and lists several solar-related objectives and measures.
    Albany, CA
  • Oak Park and River Forest, IL, Sustainability Plan

    The village's sustainability plan discusses several proposed solar energy-related initiatives.
    Oak Park, IL
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    West Palm Beach, FL, Rethink Paradise: Sustainability Plan

    The city's sustainability plan includes Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as a focus area and provides general goals for renewable energy use.
    West Palm Beach, FL
  • Reading, MA, RMLD Four-Town Local Energy Action Plan

    This energy action plan details solar energy development programs and successes, and recommends actions for the Reading Municipal Light Department to promote solar through programs such as community solar garden development.
    Reading town, MA
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    Redwood City, CA, Community Climate Action Plan

    The city's climate action plan includes several recommendations for supporting solar energy use.
    Redwood City, CA
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    West Hollywood, CA, Climate Action Plan

    The city's Climate Action Plan includes multiple goals, measures, and targets promoting the installation of solar energy systems within the municipality.
    West Hollywood, CA
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    Tacoma, WA, Climate Action Plan

    The city's climate action plan lists solar energy use as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and aims to acquire additional renewable energy for the city's grid.
    Tacoma, WA
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    Salt Lake City, UT, Sustainable Salt Lake: Plan 2015

    The city's sustainability plan includes vision statements, goals, and strategies that address solar and renewable energy use.
    Salt Lake City, UT
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    Las Vegas, NV, Sustainble Energy Strategy

    The city adopted a sustainable energy strategy setting goals for renewable energy investment and implementation.
    Las Vegas, NV
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    South San Francisco, CA, Climate Action Plan

    The city's climate action plan identifies solar and renewable energy resources as a major strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and includes a goal and related measures promoting solar energy system installations.
    South San Francisco, CA
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    San Diego, CA, Climate Action Plan

    The city's climate action plan includes a renewable energy strategy area encouraging solar-ready housing.
    San Diego, CA
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    Kansas City, MO, Climate Protection Plan

    The city's Climate Protection Plan offers multiple recommendations for two phases of solar energy implementation.
    Kansas City, MO
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    Orange County, FL, Climate Change Plan

    The county's climate change plan sets a goal of establishing and implementing a renewable energy initiative with several solar-related objectives.
    Orange County, FL
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    Palo Alto, CA, Climate Protection Plan

    The Utilities chapter in the city's climate protection span sets a goal of expanding the use of solar energy.
    Palo Alto, CA
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    San Antonio, TX, Solar Development Plan

    This plan identifies stakeholder-recommended strategies, concepts, goals, and action steps to guide the region in deploying solar technologies and growing the solar industry.
    San Antonio, TX
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    Cedar Hills, TX, 2011-2016 Sustainability Action Plan

    The city's Sustainability Action Plan includes several objectives that support the use of renewable energy.
    Cedar Hill, TX
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    Broward County, FL, Climate Change Action Plan

    This Climate Change Action Plan includes goals and actions that support the expansion of renewable energy and solar power use within the county.
    Broward County, FL
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    Cape May County, NJ, Energy Plan

    The county's Energy Master Plan sets a goal of actively pursuing and developing solar PV along with other renewable energy sources.
    Cape May County, NJ
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    Palm Springs, CA, Sustainability Plan

    The city's sustainability plan discusses opportunities the city has to develop solar energy resources and includes a umber of goals and strategies for supporting solar energy generation.
    Palm Springs, CA

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