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  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Arlington Sustainability Action Plan Volume I: Climate Action Plan

    The town's Sustainability Action Plan lists installation of renewable energy technologies on both municipal and private buildings as an important strategy reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by using renewable energy sources.
    Arlington, MA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Corvallis, OR, Community Sustainability: A Framework for Action

    The Energy section of this sustainability plan calls for 100% renewable energy use by 2025 and includes strategies and action items to promote solar energy use.
    Corvallis, OR
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Arlington County, VA, Community Energy Plan

    The county's Energy Plan, adopted as an element of the comprehensive plan, sets goals and policies of increasing the use of renewable energy.
    Arlington County, VA
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    San Gabriel, CA, 2009 Sustainability Action Plan for Adoption

    The city's sustainability action plan includes some recommended action steps that promote installation of solar energy systems.
    San Gabriel, CA
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    San Carlos, CA, Climate Action Plan

    The city's climate action plan includes a number of energy-related strategies, including several promoting installation of solar energy systems.
    San Carlos, CA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Woodstock, IL, Environmental Plan

    The city's Environmental Plan includes a section on energy with three solar energy-related goals and associated actions.
    Woodstock, IL
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Northbridge, MA, Green Communities Action Plan

    This Green Communities Action Plan from the Town of Northbridge, Massachusetts, contains a set of actions, including several related to solar, needed to meet each of the five criteria to achieve the Green Community designation.
    Northbridge town, MA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Carbondale, CO, Energy and Climate Protection Plan

    This plan includes increasing local renewable energy use as one of five key strategies and provides a range of action items to encourage renewables and solar energy use in the town.
    Carbondale, CO
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    St. Cloud, MN, Area Joint Planning District, Sustainability Framework Plan

    This joint planning area district sustainability framework plan includes two energy-related best practice areas with goals, initiatives, and actions that address solar energy use.
    St. Cloud, MN
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Aurora, CO, Sustainability Plan

    This sustainability plan describes the city's solar-related installations and initiatives, and it lists action strategies for encouraging renewable energy installations.
    Aurora, CO
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Mount Rainier, MD, Sustainability Plan

    The city's draft Sustainability Plan includes several action items that address solar energy.
    Mount Rainier, MD
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Hayward, CA, Climate Action Plan

    The city's climate action plan sets an overall goal of 100% renewable energy generation in the city by 2050 and offers both community-wide and municipal action steps to promote renewable energy use.
    Hayward, CA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    San Luis Obispo, CA, Climate Action Plan

    This Climate Action Plan calls for solar siting development standards and solar ready homes in new developments and for an increase in solar access to be included in General Plan updates.
    San Luis Obispo, CA
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    Claremont, CA, Sustainable City Plan

    The city's Sustainability Plan includes renewable energy-related goals in its Resource Conservation goal area.
    Claremont, CA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Solano County, CA, Climate Action Plan

    The county's climate action plan identifies renewable energy generation as a primary strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and includes a range of strategies and action items relating to solar energy use.
    Solano County, CA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Davis, CA, Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

    The city's climate action plan identifies solar energy production as a main objective and provides several solar-supportive action items.
    Davis, CA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Dover, NH, Energy Action Plan

    The city's Energy Action Plan includes several solar-related action items.
    Dover, NH
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Philadelphia, PA, Greenworks: A Vision for a Sustainabile Philadelphia

    This plan includes several energy initiatives and a summary of targets that address alternative energy use, and discusses solar projects within the city.
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Orlando, FL, GreenWorks Municipal Operations Sustainability Plan

    The city's municipal operations sustainability plan describes a range of goals, actions, and initiatives taken by the city to use and promote the use of solar energy resources.
    Orlando, FL
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    New Rochelle, NY, greeNR: The New Rochelle Sustainability Plan 2010-2030

    The city's sustainability plan promotes solar energy use in its recommendations for pursuing green building standards and renewable energy generation, and offers short-term, medium-term, and long-term action items ranging from updating building and zoning codes to identifying municipal sites for potential renewable energy projects.
    New Rochelle, NY

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