Planning for a Rapidly Changing World

In a time of massive flux, it can be hard to keep up — and know what to focus on. That's why Planning is taking a year-long look at the unexpected developments, existing challenges, and promising opportunities our communities are facing. From empty office buildings to climate migration and racial inequities to new tech, we'll tell you what you need to know about the disruptors that could change our future — and the way we plan for it.

Featured Articles

Well-Designed Public Spaces Are Inclusive Ones

Public spaces should be welcoming, comfortable, and engaging — not just open — to all.

Local Food Systems Key to Healthy, Resilient, Equitable Communities

From the economy and environment to health and food access, local and regional food systems can help address a wide range of community concerns.

Data-Driven Planning in Fort Worth

A restructured planning department pairs comprehensive planning with data analytics.

Increased Remote Work Could Mean Big Changes for Cities

The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of work. How can cities faced with excess commercial office space adapt?

3 Zoning Changes That Make Residential Neighborhoods More Affordable

Zoning reform is one of our greatest weapons against rising housing costs. Here's how we can wield it.

Manage the Curb With Smart Loading Zones

A pilot program shows that any size city can leverage smart technology to gather data and monetize the curb.

Smart City Digital Twins Are a New, High-Tech Tool for Scenario Planning

Digitalization and virtual simulation of entire cities can help planners experiment with solutions to meet complex problems.

Planning for the Needs of an Aging Population

Questions and answers about what communities should know about shifting demographics.

Eliminating Racial Segregation Is Good Economic Policy

Income disparities and racial segregation are deeply intertwined, burdening both people of color and the U.S. economy. Here's how we can reverse that trend.

Places to Find Your Next Planning Gig

Looking to build skills or create a more flexible work life? Gig work could be the answer.

Flying Taxis Are Coming and Communities Need to Prepare

Tech companies say they could launch advanced air mobility vehicles within this decade, but urban and rural policy is lagging behind.