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January 2016

Digital Graphics in Staff Reports

July 2016

Zoning for Small Business

February 2016

Temporary Sign Regulations in a Post-"Reed" America

August 2016

Regulating Medical and Recreational Marijuana Land Use

March 2016

Accounting for Flood Hazards in the Subdivision Approval Process

September 2016

Protecting Riparian Areas With Vegetated Buffers

April 2016

Minimizing Reliance on Discretionary Approvals

October 2016

Recent Developments in Regulating Fracking Activities

May 2016

Zoning for Community Transformation in Flint, Michigan

November 2016

Regulating Wireless Facilities in Public Rights-of-Way

June 2016

Become a Group Home Guru

December 2016

Zoning Education for Communities


January 2015

Zoning Codes in Plain English

July 2015

Effective Zoning Counter Customer Service

February 2015

Context-Sensitive Zoning for Transit-Oriented Development

August 2015

Effective Zoning Methods for Implementing Plans

March 2015

Zoning to Improve Health and Promote Equity

September 2015

Water-Smart Development Regulations

April 2015

Leveraging Affordable Housing Through Upzoning

October 2015

Peering into the Peer Economy: Short-Term Rental Regulation

May 2015

Lessons for In-House Zoning Revisions

November 2015

Tiny Houses, and the Not-So-Tiny Questions They Raise

June 2015

Value Capture and Community Benefits

December 2015

Codifying Zoning's Little Helpers


January 2014

Work-at-Home Villages

July 2014

Model Enabling Legislation for Rural County Planning and Zoning

February 2014

Development Review as Economic Development

August 2014

Urban Agriculture as an Emergent Land Use

March 2014

Zoning for Small-Scale Alcohol Production

September 2014

Zoning for Small-Scale Composting in Urban Areas

April 2014

Promoting Drought Resilience Through Plans and Codes

October 2014

Shifting the Regulatory Gears to Promote Bicycling

May 2014

Zombie Slaying

November 2014

Aligning Development Codes with the Law

June 2014

Turning Greyfields Green

December 2014

Modernizing Suburban Office and Industrial Zoning


January 2013

Zoning for Urban Wildlife and Biodiversity

July 2013

Putting Sustainable Zoning into Practice

February 2013

Completing the Streets

August 2013

Code-Ready Sustainable Planning

March 2013

Planning Outside the Growth Boundary

September 2013

Food Truck Feeding Frenzy

April 2013

Urban Micro-Livestock Ordinances

October 2013

What Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District Means for Planners…For Now

May 2013

Avoiding Common Form-Based Code Mistakes, Part 1

November 2013

High and Dry on the Waterfront

June 2013

Avoiding Common Form-Based Code Mistakes, Part 2

December 2013

Don’t Shoot from the Hip: Plan and Regulate Shooting Ranges


January 2012

Zoning Across Boundaries

July 2012

Zoning for Accessory Housing

February 2012

Consolidating Zoning Districts

August 2012

Density and the Planning Edge

March 2012

New Tools for Zoning and Development Visualization

September 2012

The Role of Tree Preservation Ordinances in Green Infrastructure

April 2012

Promoting Flood Resiliency Through the Regulatory Process

October 2012

Transparent Development Services

May 2012

Limiting Wildfire Risk Through Land-Use Controls

November 2012

Beyond the Density Standard

June 2012

Avoiding Idiotic Variances

December 2012

Powering Down Zoning Regulations


January 2011

Coastal Hazards and Smart Growth

July 2011

The Next Zoning Battleground: Trends and Challenges in Local Regulation of Medical Marijuana

February 2011

Rethinking Corridors

August 2011

Federal Cell Tower Zoning

March 2011

Creating Design Guidelines That Work

September 2011

The Relaxed Zoning Overlay

April 2011

Rezoning Urban Retail Strips to Create Neighborhood Centers

October 2011

The Effective Use of Health Impact Assessment in Land-Use Decision Making

May 2011

Land-Use Compatibility Near Military Bases

November 2011

Controlling Strip Development with Design Guidelines

June 2011

One-District Zoning

December 2011

Mapping Principles for Rezonings


January 2010

A Sound Approach to Regulating Social Service Facilities

July 2010

Electric Vehicles: Is Your Community Connected?

February 2010

Town House Standards

August 2010

Puget Sound Partnership Low Impact Development Local Regulation Assistance Project

March 2010

Zoning for Urban Agriculture

September 2010

Regulating Green: Is Your Municipality Promoting Green Infrastructure?

April 2010

Solar Access: Using the Environment in Building Design

October 2010

What Constitutes a 'Substantial Burden' Under RLUIPA

May 2010

Planning and Zoning for Geothermal Energy

November 2010

Solar Energy and Land-Use Regulation

June 2010

Meeting the Vacant Property Challenge

December 2010

Defining and Measuring Community Character


January 2009

Graduated Density Zoning to Encourage Land Assembly for Infill Redevelopment

July 2009

Regulating the Architectural Character of a Community

February 2009

Zoning for Public Markets and Street Vendors

August 2009

Local Zoning and Water Rights

March 2009

Decision Making in Sign Codes

September 2009

Is Your Community TDR-Ready?

April 2009

Balancing the Solar Access Equation

October 2009

Safe Growth Audits

May 2009

Accommodating Density

November 2009

Distinguishing Between Detrimental and Benign Nonconformities

June 2009

Parking Management Best Practices

December 2009

Lending a Helping Hand: What Planners Can Do to Turn Around Distressed Properties


January 2008

Monitoring Local Land Markets

July 2008

Urban Wind Turbines

February 2008

A National Survey of Development Standards and the Impact on Housing Affordability

August 2008

The Consistency Doctrine

March 2008

Using Zoning to Reduce Flood Damages

September 2008

The Zoning of Religious Institutions in the Wake of RLUIPA

April 2008

Looking Ahead: Regulating Digital Signs and Billboards

October 2008

Better Zoning on the Web

May 2008

The Five Steps to a Hybrid Code

November 2008

Rural Zoning

June 2008

Better Foliage Through Zoning

December 2008

Overhauling Your Zoning Code


January 2007

Habitat Loss

July 2007

Is Zoning a Barrier to Multifamily Housing?

February 2007

Ozzie and Harriet Don't Live Here Anymore

August 2007

Cluster Development

March 2007

Case Studies in Inclusionary Housing

September 2007

Planning and Zoning for Day Labor Centers

April 2007

The Quiet Revolution in Training Citizen Planners

October 2007

Goodbye Main Street?

May 2007

If You Zone it They Will Come: Town Centers

November 2007

Why Do Site Plan Review?

June 2007

Planned Unit Developments and Master Planned Communities

December 2007

Zoning for Successful Transferable Development Rights Programs


January 2006

The Practice of Parking Requirements

July 2006

Got Trees?

February 2006

Market Analysis: A Zoning Necessity

August 2006

Development Codes for Built Out Communities

March 2006

Buildout Analysis

September 2006

Modernizing Zoning for Home Occupations

April 2006

Zoning for Universal Design and Visitability

October 2006

Regulating Sex Businesses

May 2006

Conditional Uses

November 2006

Integrating Stormwater Regulation and Urban Design

June 2006

The Sensibility of Unified Development Codes

December 2006

Zoning to Expand Affordable Housing


January 2005

The Development Review Process

July 2005

Monitoring and Evaluating a Zoning Code

February 2005

Site Visits

August 2005

Score Four for Planning: The 2005 Supreme Court Decisions

March 2005

Models for Mitigating Wildfire Hazards Through Zoning

September 2005

Classifying and Defining Uses and Building Forms

April 2005

Building Green

October 2005

Reducing Bias on Zoning Boards

May 2005

How Thirsty Is Your Community?

November 2005

Let the Courts Guide You: Planning and Zoning Consistency

June 2005

Out With the Old, in With the New: The Cost of Teardowns

December 2005

Regulatory Strategies for Big Boxes


January 2004

Reconsidering Zoning

July 2004

Bright Days, Dark Nights

February 2004

The Crunch of Development Along Gravel Roads

August 2004

Driving Growth Through Transit-Oriented Development

March 2004

Agritourism Zoning Down on the Farm

September 2004

The Inclusionary Housing Debate

April 2004

Landscape Ordinances

October 2004

Inclusionary Housing: Proven Success in Large Cities

May 2004

Form-Based Development Codes

November 2004

Formatting and Writing the Staff Report

June 2004

Zoning to Promote Health and Physical Activity

December 2004

Visualizing Change